The Group

Costa d’Orlando® is a trademark of Caporem srl, active in the hotel and non-hotel accommodations sector since 2006.

The group, with a long experience in the tourism sector, owns several properties in the north of Sicily, mostly located in the area of the Nebrodi National Park. The strategic position makes it easy to discover all the wonders of Sicily.

From the Costa d’Orlando facilities you can easily reach renowned tourist destinations such as Taormina, Cefalù, Palermo, Etna and, naturally, the beautiful Aeolian Islands, just an hour’s sailing from the port of Capo d’Orlando.

The Costa d’Orlando® project aims to enhance the Nebrodi area and to welcomw travelers with different needs and cultures. This is why Costa d’Orlando® has designed accommodation facilities of various types, to meet any need.

The Costa d’Orlando® team looks after our guests’ needs from the very beginning of their vacation, organizing various activities such as boat excursions, trekking in nature, daily tours and much more.